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    [Gm] Application for Sunny ( New one)



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    [Gm] Application for Sunny ( New one)

    Post  Sunny on Thu Jul 23, 2009 11:18 pm

    Name: Crystal (But call me Sunny please ><)

    Age: 14

    Level of Maturity: Very high almost always.

    Times on: At least 3-4 hours at most 5-8 hours.

    Why you should be chosen over others: I'm responsible and can handle a Gm position because i have experience with being a GM.

    What can you bring to this server: More members.

    Can you code/use photoshop/make videos?
    I could use photoshop, and make videos.

    Language Skills(ex. English with Japanese):
    I could speak English and speak a little spanish but not very good in understanding it.

    Previous Experience:
    I had been 2 GMs and 1 Admin in other servers.

    How Much time can you donate:
    As much time needed.

    Anything else you want me to know about you:
    I'm respectful and responsible. I will also NOT abuse gm powers. I'll also keep advertising if possible :3

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