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    GM Application - Detiny



    GM Application - Detiny

    Post  Destiny on Sat Jul 18, 2009 2:15 pm

    Name: Destiny Like a Star @ heaven

    IGN: Destiny

    Age: 14

    Level of Maturity: When with friends , i relax , & wiff other people , mature O:

    Times on: More than 5 hours a day ? haha, yeah , nothing else to do . o-o;

    Why you should be chosen over others: I think i should be chosen because i`m friendly & know i can attract many people into this server . since i`ve played many servers including globaal, i know many people : D & &..i `ll be a big help , i promise O: .

    What can you bring to this server: Friends & knowlegde ;D i alsoo can help with advertising & such.

    Can you code/use photoshop/make videos? yessh for both . & have tried coding .(:

    Language Skills(ex. English with Japanese): Other than english , french , canto , manderin, & some of jap .

    Previous Experience: Been a GM on SkeleyMS & NhatMS, soo i know much about GM`s : D

    How Much time can you donate: i`ll try & help , my pleasures .

    Anything else you want me to know about you: ermm , i`m polite & i`ll do my best if chosen (: i won`t let you guys down ~
    I hope i could be a big helpp by hosting events later on , since i know the server`s improving .
    My goals - (: BRINGING PEOPLE IN . <3

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