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    A little story about my first and ONLY day on this server.



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    A little story about my first and ONLY day on this server.

    Post  Twizted on Wed Aug 26, 2009 9:08 am

    My first day on the server.... I log in and notice that only two other ppl are in FM at same time. To my surprise they happened to be GMs. So here I am thinking I will go introduce myself when I notice their "conversation". Now im not a prude, in fact being 20yrs old, I happen to enjoy sex, so I was not offended by the topic at all, in fact I thought it quite amusing. When they take a break in that particular topic I decide to break the ice by making a little joke along the same lines. Now maybe the joke fell flat or they just didnt take it as a joke, but the next part I took offense to. First I get told to shut the fuck up, and then I get called a racist name. What is very ironic is that I am white in real life and the color of my characters skin is "TAN" not "Black or African American".

    This server's GMs need to get a sense of humor first and then they need to learn when its appropriate to call someone "nigga" and when its not. You will never succeed in the world of private servers if this is how your GMs treat your players, new or not. So that was my first and only attempt on this server. I think ill stick with the servers that have a little more respect for their players. Cya HolyTrance.
    See below for the amusing convo the GMs were having.

    Kat ツ

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    Re: A little story about my first and ONLY day on this server.

    Post  Kat ツ on Wed Aug 26, 2009 11:57 am

    Hurricane is the co owner, GL with your ban.

    I don't get why he didn't take it as a joke though, it's something I'd have said too.

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