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    Echthros - GM Application.



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    Echthros - GM Application.

    Post  Echthros on Fri Aug 21, 2009 2:01 am

    Format that provides some information about myself. Brief, but to the point.

    Age: 16 years old

    Sex: Male

    Time Zone: Eastern Time, GMT -5:00

    How much time can you offer to the server?
    I don't have anything to do this summer, so I can go on as much as I want ( Not really, but I have lots of time on my hands. )

    How long have you been playing HolyTranceMS?
    I only began playing several days ago and have grown quite fond of the server.

    Why do you think you'd make a good GM?
    I believe I would make a great addition to the GM team because of all the experience I have had over the 2 years of private servers I've played. I can scout players, host simple events when I'm allowed, follow rules and do what I must do as a GM. I will NEVER use favoritism, because that would be unfair to all the other players. On most of the servers I've played, I've banned more then 100 people because, well, that's how many hackers jump into the server. When I'm asked questions, I will answer as nicely as I can, and help them as much as I can. I WILL NOT give items away, that is being unfair, and also, I'm suppose to be watching the community, not supplying their needs anyways.

    Do you speak any languages besides English? If so, please explain below. If not, leave blank.
    Cantonese, AND REALLY BAD FRENCH biggrin.gif. I mean, I don't know why I must learn french. Its like a Mandarin trying to learn English o_O.

    Do you understand and accept the GM rules given to you in the forums?
    I am fully aware of the GM rules, and if I break any of the rules, I will take punishment for it.

    How do you deal with hackers?
    Depends on what the hackers use:
    Item Vac - 2 Warnings, then ban.
    Speed hack - Instant Ban
    Fly/Swim hack - 3 Warnings, then ban.
    Monster Vac - Instant Ban, no doubt about it.
    Damage hack - Instant Ban.

    Even though I list this, most of the time I'll ban right away because players usually continue on after I leave. How do I know? After warning 5 people, those same 5 are hacking.

    Give us a little info about yourself below.
    My name is Jon.
    I'm a 16 year old no life right now, that's pretty much it. I've been playing Maplestory for years now, About 4 years on Global, and 2 years of OdinMS.

    Do you have any experience in being a GM/Admin in the past?
    I've been GM in 6 servers. These servers are:
    CriticalMS ( Beta GM. )

    The servers I could have been GM on:

    AngelStory: Pulled back after being killed/slayed 9 times from the admin, got sick of it and left.
    KawaiiMS: Made it to round 2, but the server shut down before it was decided ( Nexon DMCA )

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