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    Post  Kiwid on Thu Aug 20, 2009 1:54 pm

    I'm ellen. I'm thirteen and my mature level can vary a bit, but it would usually be around a 6 or 7, i can deal with situations well if needed. I wont get on as much since school is about to start, but ill try to get on at least an hour or two during weekdays, and at least 3 during weekends. I dont have much experience as some other people, but i was a gm for a server that shut down quite some time ago(BenjiMS). Though it shut down quite some time ago i still remember all the GM skills and commands. I cant donate because i dont have paypal and my parents wont let. I cant code or photoshop either, but i can attempt to make banners and videos.I have been playing maplestory for quite a few years,about 6 i believe, and ive been playing private servers ever since i heard about odin, though i didnt get to play since it got shut down. I can speak english and chinese pretty fluently, and i am currently learning french at school. In general i can be a pretty nice person but if necessary i can be strict, and i can also have some completely random moments.

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