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    My Game Master App

    Post  Dominic on Fri Jul 17, 2009 6:10 pm

    In-Game Name:



    United States

    Describe yourself (personality wise):
    Three things that I enjoy the most are learning, fairness and creativity. I play a few instruments and I like to skateboard, as well as similar sports.

    Email (If any):

    MSN (If any):
    Dont have

    How active are you in game? in forums?:
    I've been a lot more active in the forums lately, and on days when I play, I'll spend anywhere from 1-10 hours online, with the average being 4 or 5. I play on most days, but for the past few days I haven't up until today. If I am accepted to either the position of a GM or an intern I would devote more time to both the game and the forums.

    What do you think you can contribute to this server?:
    I think I could help a lot. I like to be creative, so I might have some event ideas. I also like to make sure everything's fair so I would handle arguments in what I believed to be an even way. I was a mediator in 6th grade and a peer mentor in 11th and 12th grade so I have been trained to solve problems.

    Why are you applying for GM?:
    The summer has been relatively uneventful for me, so I want to spend my time doing something helpful. Plus I think it's a great server, definitely the best I've ever been on, and I want to give back.

    Have you had any previous GM experience? Where and for how long?:
    Never on maple, but I have been a GM of several forums in the past, and I also tried to start up a forum or two of my own, so I have learned a lot of important lessons about not getting to overly controlling, how to keep everyone calm and happy, and how to work with others toward a goal.

    What is your method for hunting for hackers?
    I would use !cheaters and warp to an area if there was a cheater there. Aside from that I would probably just check every person logged in while invisible. I would also check the forums for any hacker reports, and keep an eye on any people reported as hackers.

    how often do you think you should hunt for hackers?:
    It depends on what the situation calls for. In a worst case scenario where I was the only GM logged in I'd spend all my time answering questions and searching for hackers. If there were a few of us on I'd try to synch up with them to make a more consistent search and to make sure two of us weren't wasting time doing the same thing.

    How would you handle a hacker?:
    I would take a screen shot and ban him/her right away if it was definitely a hacker. If I wasn't sure I would wait until there was no doubt. Either way, I'd put up a screen shot on the forums.

    If 2 people are arguing over SMEGA how would you handle it?:
    I'd ask them to stop, and if they didn't I'd warp them together and try to solve the problem in a way that it wouldn't bother all the other players. If they still insisted on fighting I'd disconnect them to let them know that it is a serious matter. Any more arguing out of either of them would then result in a ban.

    If a player were to call you a "fail GM" how would you respond to that? or how would you retaliate?:
    I probably wouldn't even bother responding, or I would simply say that I disagree. I wouldn't start an argument with the person, but if they kept it up, I might put them in jail. I don't really care though. People can say whatever they want, as long as it isn't offensive.

    as a GM what do you feel is more important for YOURSELF? Having fun or Keeping the server organized and clean?:
    As a GM it's more important to keep everything under control, but as a player of a game the focus should be on having fun, so I think they're pretty equal, and that keeping everyone satisfied would lead to more fun anyway.

    Why should we choose you?:
    I have the problem solving skills that would be needed, I'm willing to devote a good amount of time to it, I want to make the game as fun as possible for all players, I have an interest in psychology, and I don't "tlk lik dis"

    Why shouldn't we choose you?:
    A reason not to choose me as a GM would be that I have great experience. I know almost every single command.

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