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    iWieldABow-GM App

    Post  Bakunyu on Wed Aug 12, 2009 9:29 am



    Level of Maturity:
    High enough to respect those having fun.

    Times on:
    Whenever I'm wanted on.

    Why you should be chosen over others:
    Well... I don't wish to crush anyone if I do get accepted. I've been looking for "the" private
    server that I would find the most fun so I could sign up to be a GM. I don't see any point in
    dividing your time between other servers. I found this server a week or so ago and have taken
    a liking to it. I brought some of my friends along and they play almost daily with me. I know when it's a good time to act biased and to put my opinions aside. I also understand the people who have just started a server and feel overwhelmed. I have been them before! I'm willing to help anyone and everyone even if they are quit illiterate, not to be rude.

    What can you bring to this server:
    I can bring some fun and some more people because my friends are always up for trying new

    Can you code/use photoshop/make videos?
    I can use BannedStory lawls.

    Language Skills(ex. English with Japanese):
    English with some Japanese.

    Previous Experience:
    None hoping this could be my first.

    How Much time can you donate:
    As much time as I'm asked. If something comes up I will warn you about my disappearance.

    Anything else you want me to know about you:
    I think I went overboard in the other questions don't have other qualities that would help the
    server! Mad

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