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    sm3xymonkey gm app <3



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    sm3xymonkey gm app <3

    Post  sm3xymonkey on Fri Jul 17, 2009 2:15 pm

    Christian Lim [Monkey]

    15 yo (:

    Level of Maturity:
    1-10 i would say 8.5 when im not trying and a 10 when i have to

    Times on:
    i can go on majority of the day

    Why you should be chosen over others:
    Because I am highly mature understanding chill and flexable and the only reason why i want to be a GM is not of the power or the advantages its because I CARE FOR OTHERS I want to help fellow players and not myself and I want to help grow and spread the community

    What can you bring to this server:
    GameMaster Duties such as find hackers and etc..
    host events
    a shoulder to cry on

    Can you code/use photoshop/make videos?
    Photoshop and make videos
    since i got a new comp i cant code anymore

    Language Skills(ex. English with Japanese):
    English xD

    Previous Experience:
    My main experience was GameMaster in plenty of servers
    such as Famous MS with co admin Jason (:

    How Much time can you donate:
    I can donate majorty of the day
    3-6 hours most likely

    Anything else you want me to know about you:
    Ive been a GameMaster with Jason in a old server for a year
    so any question u can contact me personally or ask him (:

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