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    want to be GM for the Server



    want to be GM for the Server

    Post  Tony on Fri Aug 07, 2009 9:31 am

    hi my name is Tony and i would like to be a gm for this sever because i like to help other peoples and i was once a gm in riggedms,mapleglobal,DesStory,TonyStory aka my own private sever and but now im looking forward to be a gm in another although im new to this sever i have faith in myself i can make this sever the best of al lthe other severs i wanna join seve rbecause i love maplestory and maplestory is my everyday life and i wanna be a gm for this sever not because i become a gm to abuse my power and to show off to the other peoples the only reason im on this sever and i want to be gm is that i truly wanna help out the sever and make the sever a better place to our staffs and our players and to keep it safe from hackers im always online 6 days a week because sunday i won't be able to be on and if i can host for this sever and be gm at the same time that would be great im currently 17 years old im from brooklyn newyork if you find this application intresting give me an reply im always online here are some questions i wanan ask myself about .

    why should i be choosen as a gm:
    i should be chosen as a gm because im not just to become gm to play around i turly wanna help out the sever and make the sever in the xtremetop100.com to top 1 and i wanna let peoples know this is best sever adn they won't regret joining this sever thats my reason i wanna be gm i won't abuse my powers i will be very helpful i will never swear,be rude or ban others just because they get me mad i will follow the rules like other players and will never break a rule if i do i will appect my punishment and i will have no farther questions ask.

    Whats the first thing comes to your mind when u hear the name GM:
    well in my opinon when i hear the name gm well the first thing that coems to mind is that they the ones that watches over the sever to see if there is anyone that is breaking the rule while playing the game for example hacking and when i hear the name gm i think there will be help on the way.

    give me some of your info:
    Name:my name would be Tony
    Age:my age is 18 and im very mature
    Favorite Game: my favorite game would be maplestory

    if you are intrested in my application please give me a reply thank you IGN:Tony

    love ~bebop305~

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