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    Derick's Guide To Train


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    Derick's Guide To Train

    Post  Derick on Thu Jul 30, 2009 11:18 pm

    Hey guys. This is Derick, I saw Nelson with his guide and wanted to show you guys how I train. It was really different from how I train so I wanted to help all the members here learn how I train/rebirth so fast! Also Includes training guide for 20+ Rebirths and 50+ Rebirths and 100+ Rebirths

    Required Items:
    Onyx Apple/Narcain Demon Elixers x100. ( I prefer Narcain.)
    x300 Power Elixers / Blue Malady Candy
    Horntail Squad Buff (Gives high magic + weapon atk def!) WARNING Use After using your power pot(OnyxApple, Narcain, etc.)

    My Rebirth Chain.
    1. Hero (Combo)
    2. NightLord (Shadow Partner)
    3. BowMaster (Sharp Eyes) Now you have Combo and Shadow partner you can kill really fast.
    4. Paladian (Fire, Ice, Thunder and Divine Charge)
    5. Bishop (Optional.) (Use Sword w/ Divine Charge and Brandish) / Dragon Knight (Use Sword w/ Divine Charge and Brandish)
    6.You may repeat the classes to level faster. If you have really good scrolled items you problay can do more then 100k damage!
    7.Choose any other classes such as: Bandit? Pirate? What ever you like. I prefer repeating rebirth with Hero because the damage with Brandish is really good.

    Level 1-40
    Fm 2 - Any Job

    Level 50-70
    Fm3 or Fm 7 - Any Job

    Level 70-110
    Skellosarus fm 4 or 9 - Any Job(Best for Bishops/Mages)

    Thief: Pianus + Headless Horseman
    Bowman: Pianus + Headless Horseman + Zakum
    Warrior: Zakum + BigFoot(Use Fm Npc Buff for Hyperbody) + Pianus + Headless Horseman
    Mage: Goodluck cause I dont think a mage can solo any boss fast enough :/. Try partying at Headless horseman or Skellosarus during 9999x Event

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    Re: Derick's Guide To Train

    Post  Derick on Thu Jul 30, 2009 11:22 pm


    30+ Rebirth

    You should have atleast 1 mage skill. First you spam Skellosarus for a while.

    Level 101-120
    I think you should be able to do high enough damage by that time so kill a headless horseman. It will get you to a high level.

    Level 150+
    Go to Bigfoot and solo. You can kill in probaly 3-10hits. Then youll level really fast. They give 2.147bil exp!

    50+ Rebirths
    There is a fake Headless horseman that only drops money and youll be able to hit it at level 1. It will level you to 20-50.
    Kill the real Headless horsemans. (Only around 2-4 is needed.)
    Go to Bigfoot and then Use any mob skill. - I prefer Dragon roar.

    100+ Rebirths
    Hit a Skelly with Genesis
    Run to Bigfoot and keep repeating this cycle. You'll be high rebirthed in No time.


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    Re: Derick's Guide To Train

    Post  Ramsey7 on Fri Aug 21, 2009 2:24 pm

    too bad combo only works if your a crusader......
    so that kinda makes it weird to go from crusader to night lord

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    Re: Derick's Guide To Train

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