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    Nancy's HAWT application~! ><



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    Nancy's HAWT application~! ><

    Post  Nancy on Fri Jul 17, 2009 1:14 pm



    Reasons Why I Like This Server: Because i like the community and specially da nice admin xD plus its better when to start from the begining when its kinda empty to make it better and better .

    Experience: i've been a gm in 3 servers DavenStory , UnthalaiMs , KhlejMs and admin in my own but closed it ><

    What I Can Do For This Server:I can make advert, videos, im really nice with ppl n i could do events for them .

    Thankjuuuh<3 I love you

    If I'm A GM:I would've done these stuff at the top ^^^^ xD.

    If I see a Hacker:I would give him a warning first if that didnt work -> jail and if it still didnt work ->ban .

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