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    Derick's Gm Application


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    Derick's Gm Application

    Post  Derick on Tue Jul 28, 2009 8:43 pm

    Name: Derick Pham

    Age: 13

    Level of Maturity: I guess from a scale 1-10?
    Serious: 10 Bored: 3 Woke up: 8

    Times on: Summer I can be on from 11am to 12-1am. School I can probaly be on for 2-3hours maybe more depends on the homework I get.

    Why you should be chosen over others: I've been Gms more then 10 times if that helps? I've been a Moderator in alot of forums and own my own RolePlay Forum. I love to do events and make up my own. I think of all the members so if someone new came by and we were having a silver slime event and they cant hit it of course I'd spawn a couple just for that person. I'm pretty active and can be random at times. I have alot of the same interests as other members as I can see while playing.

    What can you bring to this server: I can bring: Joy, Happiness, No bordem and members

    Can you code/use photoshop/make videos? I can make videos (youtube.com/zirderick) I can use photoshop but I dont have it currently because it had a corrupted file. I lost all my coding skills a few 3-5months ago because I quit Maplestory.

    Language Skills(ex. English with Japanese): Viet? o_o

    Previous Experience: I'm currently Co-Admin of Colorstory and been gm of servers such as, AppleStory, iHumpGames, iHoboStory, JennyMs, and have hosted my own server.

    How Much time can you donate: Probaly alot of time.

    Anything else you want me to know about you: I hope I become GM of HolyTranceMs Very Happy!

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