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    LMAOGuide To Level



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    LMAOGuide To Level

    Post  LMAONelson on Tue Jul 21, 2009 1:35 pm

    If you follow my guide, training for you wont be so difficult than you really think it is.

    These item may be useful in your training.
    You may need :
    500 Naricain's Demon Elixer
    1000 Power Elixers
    200 All cure potion
    200 Summoning Stone

    Level 1 - 56 You can train in FM 2 once you et to 56, go be a Swordsman then to a Spearman.
    After that, go to FM 1 Bowman Job Instructor to max your skills. Then go buy the Materials above.
    Level 56 - 100 You use a Naricain's Demon Elixer and train in FM 8 Wolf Spiders.
    You can go back to FM to get your third job advancement in the middle of your training to get Dragon Roar. Its VERY useful.
    Level 100 - 150 You go to FM 14 or FM 15 for Skelegon and Skelesaures. Stay in the Middle of the map and Just spam roar with you Power Elixers.
    Level 150 - 200 You can basicly train everywhere you want. You can stay in FM 15 and FM 14 if you like but it do get boring. I went to FM 22 with a partner and mass summon Pianus [Fish].

    After you reach 200, you can chose to keep training until your level 250 OR you can rebirth. Which means to become level 0 and start a new job advancement. (You keep your skills in your hotkey). The command for it is @rebirth. Once you get 1 rebirth you can train where ever you like since your professional already. I hope this guide helped most of you :]


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    Another Guide.

    Post  StealthyMilk on Fri Jul 24, 2009 8:10 am

    1-200 You train. Very Happy Hope it helped!

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