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    Here the real Gm app



    Here the real Gm app

    Post  Emily on Mon Jul 20, 2009 2:47 pm

    My name is Emily


    In game im level: 146 i rebirth 2 times

    Time on: Im on mostly every day like for 5 hours or 6 or 7

    Why should i be chosen over other: I think ill be a good becuase i wanna help people

    What can i bring to this server: I can bring alot of more people and well more than 5 ppl.

    Can u Code/Photoshop and make Video:I can Code and photoshop and i can may be make 1 or 5 videos.

    Language Skills: I speak English and french

    Previous Experience: i been a gm around 6 or 8 time and been co owner around 4 times.

    How Much time can you donate: Depend how much time i get money from my parent i usally get around $100 so i can dontate around 60 to 70 dollars

    Anything else you want me to know about you: Well im a Smart girl and i help other people i got many awards and holytrance is the ms for me to be a gm

    I hope i be a GM and i love Holy Trence and everyone in it
    I hope u pick me

    Thank you

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